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WP OptinJam 2.0 Review: Take WebinarJam and EverWebinar to a whole new level

Begin Your WebinarJam Session Right for Your Business!

Be that as it may, regardless of how extraordinary the substance of your online class is, it doesn't mean much if your online course doesn't load or participants can't hear you. That is the reason we made WP OptinJam 2.0 Review on the most proficient method to begin your WebinarJam online course session.

In spite of the fact that it would seem that a ton, after you do it a couple of times, every one of the means take not as much as a moment to experience. You can likewise check our most current directions at the WebinarJam Knowledgebase How to Start Your Webinar

NOTE: If you require enable setting to up your online course, check our "Begin Here – WebinarJam Training Resources" This page has our Getting Started Guide and connections to PreWebinar Checklists.


Beginning your WebinarJam

Initially login to your WebinarJam account, go to My Webinars, find your online course, and snap "Moderators" under "Get to Links."

This will open up a rundown of accessible connections. As the host you need the "Live Room" connect (Marked #1 Below). You have to sign in through that connection before you utilize any of alternate connections on this popup.


Kick things off 15 - 30 minutes before your online class to permit yourself an opportunity to test your camera/mouthpiece and settings. It will give your co-moderators and arbitrators time to join, test, and get settled, also.

By tapping the Live Room connection and "Going into the room" you will have enough time to test your camera/receiver and settings. It will give your copresenters and mediators time to join, test and get settled too.

Furthermore, glue it into your program window. While we suggest Chrome since it is a piece of Google, program arrangements can shift, if something doesn't work in Chrome, it may in Firefox or Internet Explorer.


We suggest that all moderators login through a desktop or portable PC phone. Tablets, (counting the Sketch Pack Mega Bundle Review) and telephones won't work.

For moderators, we suggest Google Chrome, yet Firefox and Safari are both great programs to use too. Make sure to your program is present. Different programs are not prescribed and will demonstrate a mistake message.

You likewise will need to close any extra projects and tabs on your PC, so you have simply WebinarJam and any projects you requirement for your introduction working.


Introducing WebinarJam

On the off chance that you haven't utilized WebinarJam some time recently, you will be taken to a screen to introduce it.

This changes per program, however you should download the WebinarJam App/Plugin to your program, at that point take after the means as your program exhorts.

While we suggest Chrome, program setups can change. On the off chance that something doesn't work in Chrome, it may in Firefox or Safari.

NOTE: You need current programs. This does not work in Opera or Internet Explorer. Likewise, you don't have to utilize Private or Incognito windows.


Last Minute Webinar Checklist

You'll be taken to this screen clarifies Do's and Don'ts that will enhance the online class understanding for both you and your participants.

Utilize this as an agenda before each online class to affirm you and your family unit are prepared!

After you've investigated the rundown, look down and press the "Sign into the Room" Button.  


Test Your Video and Audio

Presently you will be taken to a couple of screens that enable you to test your Video and Audio.

In the event that you wish to change the Camera or Microphone, this is the ideal opportunity to look in your address bar for the Camera Icon as you control which Camera or Microphone straightforwardly inside your program.

You'll see something like the screen underneath, however the webcam symbol might be somewhere else on the address bar in the event that you utilize an alternate program.

Make certain you can see your video and hear a touch of clamor (which will seem like input, as WebinarJam is resounding to affirm there is sound).

Once you've clicked yes, you'll be taken to an affirmed screen. You will rehash this for the accompanying settings:

•           1280 X 720 for HD/High Definition

•           640 X 360 for SD/Standard Definition

•           320 X 180 for LD/Low Definition


Go into the Room

NOTE: If you have a "Right Now" online course or an online course with a solitary session, at that point you'll be taken specifically to the "Begin Event" screen in the following stage.

In the event that you are doing an online class with different sessions, you should choose your timetable and go into the room.


PreWebinar Room/"Green Room"

In the event that you have a solitary occasion or "Right Now" online class you'll be taken straightforwardly to this screen. In the event that you have various sessions, after you "Go into the Room" you'll be taken to this screen.

A few people call this a "Green room" since it works as a sitting tight space for the moderators. You can welcome your co-moderators and talk about the online class with them before beginning your occasion.

When you see this screen, you can welcome your co-moderators to utilize their live room connections, and you can utilize your control board connection, or tell your mediators they can!

See Starting Your JamSession for their connections

Make certain to turn on your camera and microphonG before heading off to the subsequent stage.



Begin Event

When you are prepared to Go Live, you'll press the green telephone symbol as showed previously. On the off chance that you have not killed the tips, you'll see a bolt stamping it "Go Live When You're Ready". When you press the telephone symbol to "Go Live" you'll get an affirmation popup that asks "Begin Event?" Press Yes to Go Live.


As it can take 10 to 40 seconds for the occasion to completely stack for your participants, you may need to screenshare a slide with your online course name, moderator names and your site interface.

It won't be interactive, however this screen gives your participants something to see while you hold up 60 seconds to begin talking. For an interactive connection, you can include a sticky.



What you Will See

In the event that you have numerous moderators, each of you will be given an equivalent measure of screen.

The following is the thing that it would appear that with 4 moderators. Keep in mind, you can have up to 6 moderators at any given moment.

Overseer Controls

There are a few things you can control in the moderator screen. The controls beneath will seem just on mouse over.

1.         Room Owner (Marked #1 Below)

•           Whomever the online course proprietor is, they will have the orange star.

2.         Maximize or Minimize (Marked #2 Below)

3.         Personal Microphone, Camera and Screenshare Controls (Marked #3 Below, additionally at the best focus)

•           You'll see Microphone and Camera under co-moderators in the event that they have them on. The online course Owner and Room Administrators can turn them off other co-moderators.

4.         Grant Administrator Access. (Stamped #4 Below)

•           If it's blue, at that point you can Revoke Administrator get to

5.         Eject as Presenter (Marked #5 Below)

The following are connections to sidebar controls and data on every tab

•           Chat Settings

•           Room Settings

•           Polls

•           Offers

•           Videos

You can likewise read the data on the full page Control Panel.

Moderator Controls

With the connections at the best focus, or in the lower left of your own show you can turn your mouthpiece or camera on or off, or what definition shows.

•           1280 X 720 for HD/High Definition

•           640 X 360 for SD/Standard Definition

•           320 X 180 for LD/Low Definition

What you see when somebody Screenshares

When you are screensharing, the screenshare will consequently expand. Your video will be supplanted with the screen shared. Your co-moderators will be transformed into little filmstrips.

What you see when a video plays

In the event that you are running a video, you'll see a screen like beneath.

You'll see a notice at the base of your screen amid video infusions. Your Webcams and Microphones won't be recorded, so you have a tad bit of time to converse with co-moderators amid the video infusion.


What Your Attendees Will See

Your Attendees will be postponed by 30 to 45 seconds, yet they will soon be coming into your online course.

At the point when the online class loads for your participants, they will see a screen like underneath. They'll have the capacity to talk (unless you have visit killed) or make inquiries.

Sticky Notes

We prescribe that you utilize Sticky Notes to assist your participants with your online course.

Awesome Sticky for the begin of the online course

Welcome to OUR BRAND WEBINAR. Our Website is If you have Questions, please tap the rise by your remark to "Stamp as question". In the event that you have video/sound issues, please invigorate. There's a catch beneath. Or, then again, attempt another program. There will be Q&A toward the finish of the communicate.

Extraordinary Sticky for your Live Offer

For the following hour you can (offer name) at the exceptional rate of (cost). This is a mind boggling bargain! Go to (interface here) to get it now!

Other Sticky messages

On the off chance that the screen is foggy, remember YouTube consequently alters the transmission capacity for you. You may have excessively going ahead in your home. Somebody viewing Netflix or HULU, or playing Xbox, or Pandora or Spotify, and so forth. Close off all foundation data transfer capacity clients and it should clear up for you.

On the off chance that you have video/sound issues, please invigorate or attempt another program.

Update: There will be Q&A toward the finish of the communicate.



Closure Your JamSession Webinar

While you can just end the online course, the proposal instantly beneath can both get individuals on your site and make sure your online course room is void.

We Recommend:

You will either need to utilize a Brand page like the begin of your online course, or offer a screen with a short portrayal of your offer and a connection. Make certain your connection is obvious on your screenshare. Enable it to show for 15 to 45 seconds. This gives your online course a decent authority looking close. See



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