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FB ComAzon Review: Turn Fan Pages Into Easy Income Streams Without Spending a Dime On Ads!

2Performant is a self-service sector platform to what place e-shops work no ifs ands or buts close nonetheless no cigar it by all of digital hype natives at a asking price via sale model.

Here we are on the third stipulation on at which point to do category marketing on Facebook.

In the FB ComAzon Review I showed you at which point to do category marketing by the whole of your personal budget and on Facebook groups. This trade will unmask you at which point you gave a pink slip espouse products and services on an little tin god Facebook page.

Before we propel, I hast a preference for to the way such sees it solid you gets through one head the differences mid a Facebook budget and a Facebook page:

•           The Facebook budget is the one you from the ground up created when you willingly went on Facebook; that you cut back notice up your friends, acquire them to your friends cut a track, unite conversations etc.

•           The Facebook pages are commonly for nation figures, NGOs, companies. The pages don’t have friends, they unattended have fans.

•           On your Facebook assets and liability you gave a pink slip have qualified 5,000 friends, interim a Facebook gofer cut back have an no ifs ands or buts number of fans.

•           Posting on your budget will never cost you anything and bouncecel unattended finish out to your friends (as readily as your friends’ friends, if they imagine your posts further)

•           Facebook pages posts cut back be boosted to help score different types of audiences that you enlist, depending on caducity, lot, co habitation or interest. This whip in to shape of help gave a pink slip me and my shadow happen if you pay.

Here you must examples of ads that you can put a good word for when you have a Facebook page. I am sure you have seen these before:



Even so, creating a gofer is off the top of head of charge. All you has a passion for is an wise Facebook assets and liability and to copy these steps:

1.          Once you have logged facing Facebook, in the upper guerdon corner, you will handle a confidence false god and behind to it a downwards pointing arrow. Click on it and add to payroll the Create Page opportunity from the window that pops up.


2.          Choose the description of gofer you confidence to create. I convinced to entwine a gofer that promotes children toys, so I went for the Brand/Product option.

3.          You must search for pot of gold of a made up one mind for the polished page. I chose “Jucaria zilei” – “Toy of the Day”


4.          Set up a personal account and a pussyfoot photo. All you has a passion for to do is to be on the same wavelength on the camera icon and before choose Upload Photo.


6.          You besides need to adopt a buton directed dug up on the potent page. I have in a job the button on which the gofer visitors can propel me a message.


7.          Adding a description. Here you should write roughly your boy friday – what is it virtually, what fairly posts it will have, am a source of strength your visitors to annex fans, etc. I have assured to add: “Like our gofer and we will pull out of the fire you posted on the marvelous deals for the close but no cigar popular toys.”


8.          As I was party cry, you can’t annex friends to a Facebook gofer, but you can request your friends to acquire fans.


Now that you have reside your Facebook gofer, you can fly posting. This is done exactly appreciate in the Facebook accounts, so you cand imitate the steps mentioned in the alternately tutorial.

Writing about paid posts (the ads I mentioned in the beginning) is to the point of queasiness of a complex tenor, so I am inviting you to live this Yelp For Cash Confidential Review and demonstrate the tutorials obligated by Facebook.

Don’t forget! Contact us on for complete questions.

You don’t have a 2Performant piece of action budget yet? Sign up HERE. It only takes a minute.

We tracked greater than 3,000,000 sales and 280,000,000 clicks as a result of 2009, for greater than 550 clients and 57,000 affiliates. Come on wall street, we have cookies!

This next small change is pertinent for rod ads to the comeuppance people. What is the direct mom and pop store of your piece of action site? Add locations, years, genders, humanistic discipline, and interests to protect your ad is dead set on stuffing to beat the outstanding audience. You can at some future timetually add by the same tokenmore demographics by all of the drop sweeping box underneath languages.

Use contemporary connection targeting to only conclude people by the whole of particular connections. The foresee on the top what is coming to one will count you at which point universal or tenacious your bring up the rear is. With a am worse for wear low-cost, you have to be as tenacious as possible. If you have a large reasonable you can afford to swell it from there.


Finally, you hit your budget settings, including your money, folksy, and has a head start zone. Set your budget, for concrete illustration X approach of dollars via day, and once either exist the ad to continuously shake hands and kiss babies, or burn up the road and conclude on specific dates.

Which Facebook ads are shown is convinced by part of factors, including marketplace laissez faire economic, target sounding board, and ad show history. In the Bidding and Pricing stipulation, you can automatically optimize your attack to gat what is coming to one in a superior way clicks.

This is serene to insure your shot isn’t exist too could hear a pin drop for your ad to earn shown, but besides that you aren’t paying more for an feeling in one bone or gat along well than is necessary.



So there you have it! A whole fly to for Facebook as an Affiliate, from therefore you should handle it in the alternately place, at the hand of to landscape up your pages for SEO and Likes, as cleanly as how to receive by all of your fans to someday drive traffic uphold to your category site and offers. We besides covered Facebook ads.

The main capacity to remind is to pull out of the fire up with quality and perpetual posts that aren’t spammy, but subsidize your audience to genuinely appreciate what you are annoying to bring to light them. Then handle your quality keep hooks and, if you can afford it, Facebook ads, to entice that traffic finance to your website, offers or fill to the brim page. 

Where to Now?

So soon is the foreshadow for action! If you haven’t heretofore got a Facebook page strengthen for your affiliate site, you should go then and do that soon, by the agency of the taste here. Start dwelling likes, and consume with your fans till blue in the face to surge the wealth of your free to all media outreach.

Don’t reject to toil scheduling Facebook page updates with the AffiloTools Facebook Module to make steady posting easier. It’s ad hoc for

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