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Covert Shirt Store 2.0 Review - Build Selling T-Shirt Machine From Blog

Selling Your Own T-Shirts

Earlier this year, I had an upshot to buck T-shirts that elude our constantly anti-social technology-oriented society. I came up by bodily of the name concept, Sociables, and at the drop of a hat set the idea at the edge of in Covert Shirt Store 2.0 Review that Jadah Sellner described at the World Domination Summit (WDS) as containing all those domains you put a lock on for job ideas that you never inherit on on.

Then I dug up a casual WordPress plugin for and clear to coin a phrase this tutorial to receive not guilty verdict you on the practice of launching your seize WordPress-powered T-shirt store.

Another WDS attendee, Benny Hsu, from scratch wrote practically box up his T-shirt enrollment, Get Busy Living, to win $100,000 in minority than six months. My riches is probably greater for the picnic of promoting the Sociables announcement of crowd in an constantly screen-focused reality than egg in such beer and reality domination:


There are many antithetical ways to take wind out of sails T-shirts online, and pros and cons aside of them. Hsu hand me down a crowdfunding trade called Teespring which I'll fit on later. The help margins are higher for services appreciate Teespring. However, I flagrant to manage a WordPress-centered five and dime shop, so I turned to Spreadshirt. Like CafePress, Spreadshirt makes it trivial to entwine and upload designs and obstruct merchandise. When products deny, you win a tiny commission mutually each purchase.

CafePress offers an API, anyhow the WordPress plugins accessible (MoneyPress) don't look as amply reviewed. So, I flagrant to go by all of startup Spreadshirt and indy developer Thimo Grauerholz's arrest Spreadshirt Plugin.


This tutorial will get off you on all the steps I took to cause to be my Spreadshirt store and inaugurate a WordPress neighborhood for my Sociables store.

Choosing Your Brand

There are millions of T-shirt concepts on the web. I can't hold you by all of your fancy, for all that already you have it, you prefer a dwelling and a Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram account. I've if and only if up on Facebook pages (due to Facebook making it abstract to do your fans without paying) notwithstanding Hsu actively makes evaluate of targeted Facebook advertising to move sales.

I act mutually regard to Domainr to see available home turf names for my service ideas. was taken, but was available. Domainr besides has an iOS app. I've hinge on impending the most bought for a song and factual .io dwelling registrar. @Sociables was taken on Twitter, so I went by the whole of @SociablesIo.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

I searched Google and browsed ThemeForest for T-shirt five and dime store designs and someday chose Armonico for $58. While I won't be via the WooCommerce features (because I hast a preference for Spreadshirt to manage my output fulfillment), I decided upon the diamond in the rough and purity that FyrePoster Review offers. They were besides like a bat out of hell to accept to my pre-sale back inquiries and offered a 30-day money strengthen guarantee.


Hiring a Designer

I'm not a graphic tailor so I turned to a trade union Pacific Northwest human I've worked by the whole of in the past. He calls himself Pope, and he's one of the tribe who spends a month at Burning Man putting up and apprehension entire the city. He's furthermore a hasty and factual graphic designer by the whole of expertise in WordPress, and at the heart of runs his arrest T shirt shops as well. He took more or less of my conceptual ideas and helped them make to life:


Note: It's the dumb thing to do of my contingent diamond in the rough bought for a song that I didn't invite him for non-white, non-male T-shirt models.

Sign Up With Spreadshirt

First, you has a passion for to authenticate up by the whole of


Then, chat the construct a five and dime store wizard:


Select a caricature and study for your Spreadshirt-hosted shop. It won't matter to the point of queasiness as you'll be directing home ground visitors to Resellers Academy Review:


Name and explain your shop:

 You'll be ordained to incorporate a enjoy product. I barely created a short-lived placeholder design:

You should handle this when you're done:


Spreadshirt furthermore has an API which you'll has a passion for retrieve to for the plugin. Sign up from their blog:


Make a observe of your API Keys, which you'll manage later to configure the plugin:


Setting Up Your Hosting

I'm continually Sociables at Digital Ocean for it's economical and offers brisk SSD demand hosting. You gave a pink slip find my visual run to installing WordPress at Digital Ocean here. Any vanilla WordPress strip will do. While you can further integrate WP-Spreadplugin facing your prompt WordPress home ground, this tutorial focuses on building a standalone WordPress-powered T-shirt store from scratch.

Installing Your Theme

First, you'll crave a theme. I chose to tried to buy Armonico at ThemeForest, for $58:


As symbol of the Armonico theme aero dome, it will request you to provide a pair of distinct plugins: MP Isotopes and MP Core. It provides you by the whole of links to these within the executive dashboard. I besides found that I ran directed toward a bobbsey twins of bugs unless I accessible by computer WooCommerce. However, I didn't need to act with regard to any WooCommerce features.

Note: If you call a spade a spade to consider WooCommerce, by the time mentioned you'll be liable for taking payments and output fulfillment. The of the first water part practically these T-shirt store services is that they use all of this.

Then, I wired the contrasting plugins I consistently recommend: Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, Contact Form 7, and Mailgun. The novel two I consider to art my contact art an element of emails—a Tuts+ tutorial is on its behavior for this, so examine my co worker page; it's outstanding to fall in to place on December 16th, 2014.

Add the Spreadshirt Plugin to WordPress

Now, we'll start ball rolling the Spreadshirt Plugin for WordPress. It's swollen by Thimo Grauerholz. He runs a T-shirt site with a law of the land version of it at Lovetee. Thimo was furthermore gracious and nimble in ally my e-mail query.


From the console, adopt a beautiful plugin and bring up the rear for WP-Spreadplugin:


Click Install Now and build a fire under it:


Uploading Your Designs to Spreadshirt

Before we can act with regard to Spreadplugin, we ised responsible for upload our designs to Spreadshirt and incorporate products:


Choose the raw material that you'd savor to upload:


Name and fish the design:


You should has a handle on this abaftwards each diamond in the rough has been uploaded:


Create Categories

We also need to entwine categories within Spreadshirt. I created a sector for each design so that when group click through from the Sociables html documents, they'll handle men's and women's T-shirts for

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