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Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review - Make $100 Within 24 Hours?

Since this is the internet and anyone can claim to make any amount of money, I’ll start off by posting a Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review of my Clickbank stats for the last 3 months. This isn’t to show off or to toot my own horn. I just want to demonstrate that it’s possible for literally anyone to make money online.


As you can see from the screenshot, this method only generated $168.10 the first two weeks followed by $177.55 the next two. But once I got better at implementing this method I was able to take those measly earnings up to $1,346.55 for the last month alone!

And while that may not be a lot of money, I know plenty of people that would love to have an extra thousand dollars every month. Also, I this was all generated using free trafic. Shall we find out how it was done?

The Requirements

This method requires just 2 simple things:

1. A Domain Name (To redirect to your affiliate link)
2. A VPN  (More info on this on a second)

The First Step

The first thing you need to do is figure out what product you want to promote. Assuming you already have you, it’s important to come up with an angle to promote it from. I’ll give you an example.

Lets say you’re promoting a background checking service. A good angle would be parents that are concerned about the background history of their children’s babysitter or even one of their teachers. So you’d be pitching the background checking service to parents from that angle; as a way for them to know if their children are in any danger. You could also pitch it to singles on a dating site as a way for them to know if their next date is a registered sex offender or not. Those are all angles, and there’s one for every product out there. These are all examples and chances are many people will try to use these same one, so you’re better off being creative and coming up with your own if you want to be successful. (This PostViral Review strategy also works very well for paid advertising campaigns)

How The Money Comes In

Once you have your product and your angle, it’s time to look for people that fit the bill. What worked for me was to look for high-profile high-traffic website articles that my “target market” would likely be reading. Just do a Google search for a high-volume keyword in your niche and see what results pop up. The higher up the better, as you’re going to piggyback off their traffic.

Now this is where the tools I listed above come into play. You need to register a domain name (the shorter and simple the better, as well as relating to your niche) so it gets allowed as a comment in these articles. Now before I say anything else, let me emphasize that we are not going to be spamming your affiliate link everywhere.

Posting a genuine recommendation from a product you’ve used as a comment on an article so that other people may be helped by your you suggestion is very different from spammingaffiliate links.

But you still need to register your own domain, as naked affiliate links and/or shortened sites will not be allowed. And even if they were, most people would be reluctant to click on them. This is really important. If you’re promoting a background checking service I’d suggest registering something like, or something. It doesn’t have to be a .com either, as I used a .us myself.

I recommend going with Namecheap to register your domains, as they give you a Free WhoIsGuard protection and their renewals as MUCH cheaper than GoDaddy.

The Gameplan

So once you’ve found an article, blog, forum thread or wherever  – it’s time to leave a comment. Remember, the comment will make or break your results so write them out carefully. Instead of explaining what I mean by a “good comment” I’m just going to give you an example so you can get a better idea:

I don’t normally comment on articles, but I have an experience I’d like to share that will hopefully help others in a similar position as myself. We recently hired a new babysitter and since the very first day I felt something was off about her. Any time she was alone with my kids I just couldn’t stop worrying. I did a lot of searching and found this site called which allowed me to run a background check on her. As it turns out, the background check came up 100% clean. But I can now happily say that I no longer worry about her when she’s with my kids and I’ve actually recommended her to my friends and family. If anyone is in a similar position, I recommend using BackgroundDoctorPro.

See that? That’s what I mean by a good comment. People that may be interested in purchasing your service will immediately relate to your story and be much more likely to make a purchase. Of course, it helps tremendously if you’ve personally used the product yourself. It also helps if the domain name you register sounds professional, as people will be more inclined to copy/paste it into their address bar.

But we’re not done yet. When I did just that I was making just $160 every two weeks. In the next step I’ll show you how I ramped it up into the thousands.

 The Special Sauce

This is where the VPN comes in. If you don’t know what a VPN (virtual private network) is, it’s simply a program that allows you to browse the internet anonymously using other IP addresses. And no, simply using another computer in your house won’t work. They all use the same IP address.

The reason why you need to get online using different IP addresses is so you’ll be able to post more than one comment on the same article and not get your accounts flagged.

And once again, we’re not spamming. Spam comments are those cookie-cutter comments you see everywhere that start off saying “my sister makes $78 an hour from her computer…” Our comments are genuinely informative and outline the benefits of a real product that can potentially help a lot of the readers. Here’s an example of a follow up comment I’d leave:

Thank you for your comment, (your name in last comment).

I’ve been in a similar situation with one of my son’s teachers and decided to try out the site you recommended, Just like in your case he came out clean, but I feel a lot better now that I know he’s not a criminal or anything. I can’t thank you enough for your suggestion.

All the best.

See what we did there? We’re just building upon our initial comment. In my case I had about 5 or 6 comments on the same article. Not all identical, but each highlighted a different selling point of the service I was promoting or used a slightly different angle. That’s what made the difference between making $160 in affiliate sales and making $1300.

And like I said before, you’ll need a VPN service to use a different IP address for each comment you post. Otherwise you run the risk of getting your accounts flagged and your comments removed. I recommend using HMA for your VPN service, as they’re affordable, really easy to use and their proxies are fast.

So there you have it folks. Hope this gives you guys a few new ideas if you’re just getting started. If you have any questions just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. :-)

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