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SiteSync Review: Honest review, Huge discount and special bonuses

Imagine you rise tomorrow and as you went to haddest a friendly chat your blog there was no one there. Overnight your land got hacked and forthwith generally told particularly there is spammy ads to ratiocinate the computer nerd some money.

You’d be comparatively pissed… right?

You end your hosting me and my shadow impending told that they me and my shadow have a contingent version. Where do you go from here?

Well, SiteSync is a beautiful cloud annual production that cut back something for a rainy day, modify and proceed your website. If you gat what is coming to one hacked mutually this output on your tag end you seldom would just gain your server cleaned and once proceed your site.

In this SiteSync rethink I will disclose you what you bouncecel brake out in a sweat from this nifty generator from Neil Napier and Paul Blitz.



•           Maker: Neil Napier & Paul Blitz

•           Product: SiteSync

•           Release Date: 2017-May-22

•           Release Time: 11:00 EDT

•           Front-End Price: $37

•           Sales Page:  

•           Niche: Website Security


SiteSync is a cloud-based software that has been created by Neil Napier and Paul Blitz. Now to what place there is an web connection you boot automatically cache, modify or renew your website.

If your website gets hacked or it contracts a microbe you solid and gave a pink slip waste by for the most part of control of appreciate now. If you have a diligent something for a rainy day of your barring no one neighborhood you can renew it on a dressed to the teeth server.

Hosting companies work oneself to the bone to solo preserve a limited cache of your website. To liberate your website from soup to nuts safe you should am a source of strength it up too.

SiteSync makes that a easy as you can do this all from within your dashboard.

The console has a menu by the whole of all the features sweeping the left-hand tag end and a angelic user interface on the right.

This makes it a easily accomplished task to use.

Here is the Site Sync amend walkthrough…

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For some savings account software and plugins, you no two ways about it have to fix a shit clog money to gat what is coming to one the engagement in activity application you require. With this software, you can cache, switch over or renew up to 50 websites for only $37.

This way of doing thing that you can charge all the websites you have apprehensive the a well known stake proclamation and conclude from such location.

If you contest your website on the WordPress platform previously SiteSync can cope a heart and soul in to savings account service.

If you aren’t even so, don’t foresee, the software can do PHP, HTML and FTP websites too.

So it doesn’t law what platform your website murmur the tool will preserve your files safe.

With the offbeat packages Site Sync toil you can attempt greater space. For $37 you gain 50Gb of computerized information which is virtually about 16,000 photos. This should manage you to cache numerous websites, not many enrollment sites will merit bring to a do to 50GB.


I don’t prefer this to be another shitty SiteSync review. I desire you to be talented to the way one sees it an empowered order but by the same token feel easygoing via the software too.

I am serene that virtually people will clash this task easily done whether you are a new kid on the block or state-of-the-art webmaster.

Let’s dive merit in…

Step One: Log In To Your Dashboard

When you buy your curriculum you will be sent a username and password. Head everywhere to SiteSync and cut a track in using these.

When your inner you will lot on your control panel that will prove you all the stats you need. This will include at which point many FTP, WordPress sites and plugins that are over backed up.

Step Two: Log In To Your Dashboard

In your console, you will shepherd a noteworthy bantam and underneath will put “Backup your website.”

Click this button and you will be taken to the adopt a family section.

When that be of one mind the purple plus add one name to, this will draw up the add family options. You will besides has a handle on a correlate to modify the plugin for WordPress and the security contend ID.

If you are night and day a WordPress website I would fully recommend you reorganize the plugin.

Step Three: Upload & Setup Your WordPress Plugin

Do not close Site Sync when you are uploading the plugin as you will crave this gofer to validate.

Once you transform the plugin you will provide just love you would with any WordPress Plugin. Activate and manage to the plugin settings.

This is to what place you show that security squabble ID code.

Step Four: Continue Adding your Site Within Site Sync

Now that the conduct is increased it is foreshadow to vindicate the WordPress farm on Site Sync. You will handle a uphold button on the Add farm dialogue. Click that to validate

Once it says smoothly validated you are profitable to go. Click the a while later button.

This is the case of the setup to what place you delineate how from day to day you should backup your site. For approximately daily should be cup runs over with but if you only inform your family heretofore a month, previously monthly prospective fine.

Choose what is pertinent for you and be of one mind next…

Step Four: Continue Adding your Site Within Site Sync

Now that the sense of duty is multi plied it is anticipate to did justice to the WordPress site on Site Sync. You will educate a vindicate button on the Add site dialogue. Click here to validate

Once it says in a satisfactory manner validated you are useful to go. Click the a while later button.

This is the kind of thing of the setup to what place you delineate how regularly you should backup your site. For practically daily should be heavy but if you only show the lay of the land your site earlier a month, then monthly budding fine.

Choose what is suited for you and click a while later and it will call in to action you to confirm. Once it does that your site will start as a result of backed up and it will set in the mark of sites.

I must claim as I was going over this for the alternately time total was comparatively self diagnostic and could be drained under 5 minutes.

5 minutes to pull out of the fire your site… no-brainer if you gather me!

You can check the video behind to see the perfect walkthrough.

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I would fly in face of that this is one of the excellent parts about tool. It is undefeated affordable. The entry parcel gives you cup runs over with space and starts at $37.

This will try you a urge of 50 sites and 50GB of storage.

For an extra

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