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AscendPages Review: Wordpress hacked? Here is how to build web pages without it

Before finding website builders, performed you ever thought about these questions?

-           "I've A significant amount of admin work already. I cannot spare a couple of months to build a site -- I've more considerations to do!"

-           "I'm not really a techie! I get jittery even though need to revise a computer software -- How on the planet am I likely to generate a website?"

-           "I simply haven't any talent for building things. I don't want to feel uncomfortable about my website -- Imagine if people think my business is unprofessional?"

-           "I've observed horror stories of men and women getting cheated, so selecting designers to create my website scares me -- I wish to take action myself, only if it wasn't so difficult!"

If this looks all too familiar, you've come to the right place.

Building your own website used to be extremely difficult -- you used to need to know how to code such as a pro (or retain the services of expensive coders) and maintaining your website ready to go is very frustrating and expensive.

Thankfully -- days past are actually behind us and you're surviving in a period where pull & drop website contractors are abundant. They allow one to create a professional looking website and never have to write a type of code.

They're also very reasonable as well, as so long as have to employ designers or coders to help you setup and keep maintaining your website on a continuing basis.

By detatching the complex "shackles", these website contractors offer you a good chance and liberty to make a good looking, practical website.

They control all the technicalities of working websites for you, so it is almost like possessing a team from it technicians working out for you in the backdrop.


What are Among the better Website Contractors & How MUST I Choose?

Increasingly more pull & drop website contractors have become available, especially within the last few years.

Instead of list out 10 - 20 different website contractors, which can result in choice paralysis (having way too many options to review and consider), we've narrowed down our AscendPages Review to 3 excellent website contractors:

1.         Wix

2.         Squarespace

3.         Weebly

(We will describe why we're suggesting these 3 below)

Most of them allow one to build a site and never have to learn how to code plus they all take care of the hosting and system supervision functions for you - and that means you need not package with them.

So how do you really find out which of the 3 is the most suited to you? We'll show you through a few of the right questions to ask to be able to begin with below.

Here are the key sections we'll review in this Traffic Problem Solved Review


1. How long gets the company been founded?

1.         Wix - Founded in 2006. Additionally it is a publicly exchanged company, so they are extensively vetted by the securities stock market and government businesses.

2.         Squarespace - Proven in 2004. Located in NEW YORK. Squarespace happens to be an exclusive company.

3.         Weebly - Proven in 2007. Located in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Weebly happens to be an exclusive company.

All 3 website contractors have been proven for quite some time. Inside our view, they will be the original pioneers of the pull and drop, code-free, website building industry.


2. Just how many people are employing the builder?

1.         Wix - Over 103 million websites have been made up of Wix. Presently, there are over 2.67 million paying members.

2.         Squarespace - The business mentioned that an incredible number of users have recorded to try Squarespace. As the business is private, they didn't disclose how many registered users they have got. However, they spotlight that they are doing have over 1 million paying customers.

3.         Weebly - Over 40 million websites have been made up of Weebly. As the business is private, they didn't disclose just how many paying users they have got.

There are reasons why an incredible number of users are employing their programs.  These website contractors have invested huge amount of money and a long time into growing and bettering their software.


3. Are the volume of users growing?

1.         Wix - Over 45,000 new users are registering to try Wix every day. Predicated on publicly available information, the amount of registered users keeps growing by 25% each year, and the amount of paying users keeps growing by 38% each year.

2.         Squarespace - As stated, this private company will not disclose the amount of users. But we have been following them for a long time now and their occurrence and brand keeps growing. They purchased advertising slot machine games through the Super Bowl Television set commercials **, so that it gives you a feeling they are not a tiny time company.

3.         Weebly - Within the last couple of years, we've observed Weebly increase from 15 million users to 40 million users right now. So they're growing quite speedily.

** Remember that Wix also participated in creating Super Dish TV Advertisements. This also demonstrates they are the best, established company.

With high consumer expansion, this further reinforces these website contractors are widening, growing and are leading the demand to make website creation easy.


4. Are folks searching for the business in Google?

This is a chart from Yahoo Styles, highlighting how often each one of these website contractors is researched on Google in accordance with one another.

Click image to start to see the latest trending graph  

You can view that the looks for these website contractors have been growing within the last 10 years.

As people start knowing they can build websites without coding or play the role of an IT systems administrator, these businesses started to expand quite quickly as increasing numbers of people signed up.

This also teaches you these website builders aren't the "flavor of the month" type of companies. They have got been around for a long time, are set up and are well brand name.

You can even notice that Wix's expansion is the best, accompanied by Weebly and Squarespace. This shows that Wix is typically the most popular, accompanied by Weebly and Squarespace

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