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One of the key success factors in marketing is the ability of a marketer to seize a certain moment – jumping on a trending item that will resonate with their audience, and repackaging it so it’s relevant to the reader.

We’re all individuals, and what we like could be totally different to our friends. But if people are interested in your blog, they are interested in you, and what you’re interested in. If something is trending that you know they will love, it’s easy to capitalise on that for the benefit of your followers.  Here are a few places you can keep tabs on the pulse of what’s new and interesting on the internet, so you can bring your audience the latest.

Where to find trending topics and keywords for your blog

While a decade ago it would have been difficult to find such trends in real time, internet has now made it very easy to locate the live trends and come up with smart content to cash in on the same. So, let us have a look at FlowTraffic Review and methods for locating the accurate trends for you.

1. Twitter

It hardly needs introduction! While the idea has existed for a long time, Twitter brought it to public attention by directly listing current trends on their homepage and profile pages. It is still the best way to find out the present political and cultural trends as well as the mood of a nation. You can check global trends or look for country specific trends as per your needs as you search the hashtags.

If you have the budget, you can also consider using “promoted trends” in Twitter. These hashtags will show up at the top of the list in the homepage of your target region. Include your brand name in the hashtag for the right impact.

2. Google Trends

Google has many services to provide analytics. Google Trends is the best option out of them to find trending topics. You can search any topic here and check out the volume it is receiving. You can also make country-specific as well as sector-specific searches to make the results more targeted.

You can explore in depth by clicking on the country name and then the state names to get completely localized details which will help you to find extremely targeted keywords for your focus market.

3. Social Mention

It is a smart tool that analyses content in a huge number of websites. It does not only limit itself to major networks like Twitter and Facebook but also goes through more than a 100 sites including the likes of Digg, YouTube, FriendFeed and basically anything that hosts user generated content to find out trending topics.

For any query, Social Mention also gives you a list of influencers, i.e. people who regularly post on one of the social networks on that topic and are popular with high number of followers and engagements. You can find potential collaborators and endorsers from this Blog Defender Review.

8 Ways to find trending topics and keywords for your blog and social media.

4. Keyhole

Keyhole is an interesting tool that allows you to track hashtags across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It just works like Google alerts, but for social media. So, you can set an alert for a certain topic and observe it on real time.

Use it as a defence mechanism for your brand, if necessary – If you have the resources, put one dedicated person to monitor all mentions of your brand in real time using this app and immediately respond to any issues or criticism.

5. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is mainly a tool for creating contests and other marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But it also lets you create customized queries for specific keywords on Twitter and identify the buzz around the same.

Its analytics clearly tells you which your best performing Tweets and FB posts are. Go through the Instant SSL Clients Review in the recent weeks to get an idea about more popular topics and fine-tune your keyword list.

6. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed grew simply by posting content on trending topics. So, you can rest assured that the people at Buzzfeed know how to find the right trends. The good thing is that they also display Buzzfeed trends for everyone to see on the right hand side of the homepage and so you can easily find out how to your trends through this site.

Buzzfeed’s trending topics are mostly in the shape of listicles. What you can draw from here is not only keyword ideas and topics but the most effective way of framing the titles. This site works simply because it can make people click on the links. You learn it too.

7. Reddit

Reddit is a hugely popular site where everyday people are having heated debates on every topic under the sun. The topics can be voted up or down on the site and so the ones with most “upvotes” only are seen on the homepage. So, in a way, one look at the Reddit homepage can give you a very good idea about what is trending right now.

The best way to exploit Reddit is to discover subreddits i.e. instead of just exploring the homepage, find subpages that are dedicated to specific topics and offer more specific insights. You can directly search for subreddits based on your topic of interest here.

8. Topsy

Topsy is another tool for smart marketers. It allows you to search for topics in a targeted manner. For instance you can even search for trends on a certain date, time or place. You can set alerts, monitor and analyse all the trends to figure out existing social sentiment towards them.

For instance, suppose you have a plan for a campaign focused on the next Christmas. So, you can just go to Topsy and look for the trends from the last few years’ Christmas to find out useful keywords. Such date specific search would have been a nightmare with most other tools.

whether you’re trying to find the latest trending content as part of your job, or simply trying to stay relevant, the Internet can sometimes be an almost too-expansive world; with so many different websites and social networks out there, it can get a little confusing as to what to use when trying to pin down the latest viral trends. For those of us who are content creators, social media specialists, or community managers, staying on top of today’s trending content is essential to our survival: we need to have a firm knowledge on what’s relevant in our society, in order to ensure that we can contribute something to those conversations. Realizing this need, we’ve compiled 16 different online tools and resources that you can use to help you remain aware of the latest trending topics.

The following list was inspired by the recently published Medium piece “300 Awesome Free Things” which listed various, free, online resources and tools that statups can utilize to operate their businesses. Among them, a handful of online resources were listed for finding relevant content on trending topics. We took some of those things, added a few of our own, and created the list of 16 below. One or two of the tools are focused more on helping content creators come up with relevant, trending content, but still fits in with the overall theme of trying to stay current with trends.

Stay on top of today’s trending topics with these 16 free online tools:

BuzzFeed Trending


If you’re trying to find some of the most recent and interesting trending content making the Internet rounds, then there’s nothing better than checking out BuzzFeed’s trending posts. Sure, it can sometimes be filled with list articles replete with GIFs, but nonetheless BuzzFeed’s editorial staff makes sure to stay on top of trending news items: from things going in Congress, to whether Kim Kardashian has paid her selfie retoucher, yet. And, I mean, it’s a great resource to help you come up with other content for your own site or brand.



BuzzSumo is a great online platform that helps you determine what kind of content has done well in the past year per whatever specific topic. So, for instance, a search for “pokemon” will show you results for the most-shared web content in the past year relevant to the topic of Pokemon. This gives you an idea on the kind of future content to create. With Pokemon, it seems that online quizzes tend to fare well, so the logical thing to do would be to create a similar type of quiz in the future if you want that content to be highly-shareable. BuzzSumo lets you narrow your search to the content in the past month, week, or day, to show you the most recent, popular content surrounding a topic, as well as sort the results per the type of content (e.g., article, infographic, video, etc.). They offer premium services, but the free tool is great on its own.

Facebook Trending


While Facebook’s little trending sidebar initially served as a major annoyance to many years when it was first released (and, actually, may still be an annoyance for users), it’s a highly valuable resource when trying to figure out what the world is talking about. Taking into consideration Facebook’s position as the top social network in the world – with more than 1.35 billion active users every month – you got to believe that it will provide you an accurate count on what topics or content are trending.

Google+ What’s Hot


So, many us may not be active users of Google’s social network, but Google+ actually provides its own version of presenting trending topics. The page offers you different ways to explore trending content or relevant communities. You can look at what hashtags are trending (including searching for any that aren’t featured as a trending hashtag) and determine whether there’s been an increase or decrease in social activity regarding that topic. The page also features popular posts, interesting people and pages to follow, and even suggests communities that Google+ believes are relevant to you.


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