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Emoji Traffic Review 2018 - Secret Emoji Traffic Source Revealed

They’re everywhere. Our obsession with them started with mobile phones while sending/receiving text messages. 

They gravitated towards social media and now they’re a regular fixture even in email communications even though you won’t find them in the Oxford Dictionary.

There are even startups like Swyft Media creating and selling them. 

I am talking about Emoji Traffic Review.

Of course, emoji marketing concepts weren’t far to follow as a marketing strategy.

Whether you hate them or love them, you’ve seen them. There are 6 billion of themfloating around the world on mobile applications everyday both in and out of every social network. And they’re the fastest growing language in history in the UK.

They’re such a phenomenon that brands have now started to integrate them in their marketing messages while communicating with younger generations. This marketing strategy is most prevalent with social media marketing, but not isolated there.

An example is Chevrolet’s recent press release that created a lot of buzz. I guess they took this marketing strategy too far. See for yourself.


They asked their audience to decode the news. Or “watch out for the decoder at 2 p.m. EDT Tuesday.” I doubt the effectiveness of an all-emoji press release for creating excitement. My point is that emojis have completely infiltrated our lives as general communication in a social network and on all levels of media platform marketing efforts..

Look at these 3 specific cases.

1. We can now use emojis on Twitter to order a pizza from Dominos.




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