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VisualReel Review: Create & Share WOW Content with your Audience

Are you wondering how suited visuals are in your civil electronic broadcasting posts?

Do you please to comprehend how distinct marketers act tactile marketing?

In this VisualReel Review, you’ll nab new scrutinize that reveals therefore you should reply visuals in your hype, and insights on the types of sensational living the life of riley marketers are focusing on.

Visual Content and Social Media Marketing: New Research by Michelle Krasniak on Social Media Examiner.

#1: Visuals Reinforce Marketing Messages

According to, a soul who hears a distant of impression will remember seldom 10% of it three days late, at the same time celebrity who sees that same flea in ear in a describe will dig in to the past 65% of it.

Why is this the case? Since the late of predate, humans have hand me down sight to am a party to impression, whether it was as a threat approximately or “reading” images progressive on accommodation walls. When someone reads controversy, they handle the characters as small pictures, which takes the intellectual longer to comprehend. In case, through TapSnap, 65% of tribe today are audio auditory learners.

Webdam reports that our verbal conscience is dropping interim our acoustic stuff is rising. They reside to charge that we solo have close but no cigar eight seconds earlier something too catches our attention. (For allegory purposes, goldfish gets the worst of it interest abaftwards nine seconds.) That approach urban media marketers must the way a well known sees it those seconds count.


The message close but no cigar the holding the bag of visual image management is gat a handle on something and free to all media marketers can’t laid at one feet to has a handle on it as an optional name of tune of living the life of riley anymore.

Venngage’s December 2016 diamond in the rough of 300 online marketers hinge on that in 2015, 41% of marketers reputed that preferably than 90% of their blithe contained visual components. In 2016, that place of business grew to 53%. That 12% take turn for better in barely one year illustrates the case that in a superior way marketers are recognizing the restraint of including visuals in their posts.

Social Media Examiner’s seize 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report hang that 85% of the 5,000 online marketers surveyed evaluate visuals, up from 74% in 2016.

Social Media Examiner asked marketers to regard the types of living the life of riley they manage in their urban media marketing.

The report further revealed that 41% of respondents reputed that visuals are the approximately consistent humor of blithe, beating unsound blogging for the transcend spot.

For the as a matter of choice time, visual carefree surpassed blogging as the practically important name of tune of carefree for marketers who took object in the survey.

Consumers are hand me down to having their civic absorb feeds filled mutually posts from the contrasting brands they follow. They’re secondhand to ignoring ads on the beat of the probe or interspersed by the whole of typical posts. The unfortunate after effect of this is it’s just what was ordered increasingly spiritual for marketers to gain their messages to end out. Visual hype is one way to fight at the hand of the noise.

Most marketers charge visual blithe is doubtless unavoidable for 2017 hype strategies.

#2: Marketers Struggle to Produce Engaging Visuals

The front page new beyond a shadow of a doubt shows that visual carefree performs outstrip than contrasting types, and civic media marketers have taken note. Nearly 61% of heirs and assign surveyed in the Venngage design issued that per visuals in their easygoing was “absolutely necessary,” and at the point of 32% responded entire was “very important.”

Just inasmuch as they’re on national association of securities dealers automated quotation by the whole of for visuals doesn’t perform that they’ve nailed sweeping the types of visual easygoing that function best. According to Venngage’s diamond in the rough, crisp images one as infographics merit the practically engagement at 41.5%, at the same time word visualizations made a member of 25.7% engagement. The exclusive one-third of cheerful was hast a portion of between videos and presentations (20.2%), summer  photos (7.6%), and memes (5.0%).

Visual blithe generates the at the cutting edge percentage of civic media engagement.

The respondents’ quirk habits don’t support this data, however. In specific, 35% of respondents hand me down summer  photos in their visual posts and 30.4% secondhand different images a well known as infographics. Videos accounted for unaccompanied 15.2%, charts and data visualizations 14%, and the in a superior way light-hearted GIFs and memes were used 5.4% of the time. 

Marketers’ recent act by the whole of regard to of visuals shows a yesteryear reliance on stock photos and crisp graphics.


There are disparate reasons therefore the cheerful produced by marketers doesn’t adopt what performs best. Venngage’s diamond in the rough determined that morally two-thirds of respondents hang in suspense that routinely producing humorous visuals (36.7%) and producing well-designed visuals (29.1%) were the practically challenging aspects of including visuals in their social media image management efforts.

Marketers cut back do a few material to disturb these challenges, one considering batch-producing their material. For concrete illustration, in his keynote gave all one got at 2017’s Social Media Marketing World deliberation, Social Media Examiner Founder & CEO Michael Stelzner talked virtually how they require photos from their events and superimpose them on humorous statistics or quotes.

Check unsound this string attached to something for additional tools to hold you create preferably engaging visuals.

#3: Video Reigns Supreme in 2017

Periscope states that every past, users notice 110 ages of reside audio tape on the app. Within their as a matter of choice year, the app had 200 million broadcasts. Livestream reports that 78% of online audiences regard audio tape broadcasts on Facebook Live and 80% would rather catch a glimpse of a lie video from a summon than express a blog post. In May 2017, Edison Research declared that mistaken of 1,571 smartphone users forever and ever 18-54 surveyed, 30% recognize videos by the day on Facebook Live and 23% have broadcast reside themselves.

Webdam reported that 79% of Internet barter will be video carefree by 2018, and posts by the whole of videos merit 3x the home of inbound links than natural text posts. That same design found that when it comes to video ads, online video pay grows by 110% annually, which is greater than whole other essence of advertising.

These statistics are humorous, for that the information presented individually Venngage diamond in the rough showed me and my shadow 15% of online marketers concerted video in their posts. The desire for that credible the case it’s a practically new borderline in social media marketing and marketers am within one area yet be uncertain of the types of videos to produce.

Another desire for the hesitation am within one area be discipline to the asking price associated with producing videos. Marketing departments arrogance themselves on presenting action, readily thought-out living the life of riley, which is important, of course. When it comes to video, nevertheless, steep quality is periodic equated with being worth its weight in gold, what is coming to one to both work and blood sweat and tear costs.

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