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Majestic Templates V2 Review: Create Engaging Videos Easily

Intrigued by setting up a Facebook cover video on your business page?

Thinking about how others are utilizing spread recordings on Facebook?

In this Majestic Templates V.2 Review, you'll discover best practices and thoughts for utilizing Facebook cover recordings on your Facebook page.

Step by step instructions to Use Facebook Cover Videos: Inspiration for Marketers by Megan O'Neill on Social Media Examiner.

Acclimate Yourself With Facebook Cover Video Specs

As indicated by a current overview, 60% of buyers watch marked recordings on Facebook day by day and 64% say that watching an advertising video on Facebook has affected a buy choice in the most recent month.

Buyers are watching video on Facebook, they're drawing in with it, and it's really motivating them to make a move. So for what reason not join a greater amount of it into your showcasing endeavors, comfortable best of your Facebook page?

In the first place, you'll have to make a video to transfer as your Facebook cover video. You may have seen that Facebook cover recordings are shorter and more extensive than run of the mill Facebook recordings.

Facebook cover recordings are shorter and more extensive than other Facebook recordings.

The one of a kind size of Facebook cover recordings can make it extreme to make sense of how to begin. Fortunately you can make a Facebook cover video from a normal measured scene video. You'll simply need to remember a couple of focuses:

•           Facebook cover recordings must be in the vicinity of 20 and 90 seconds in length. In the event that your video is under at least 20 than 90 seconds, Facebook won't enable you to utilize it as a cover video on your page.

•           The video determination must be 1080p. Attempting to transfer a video at 720p and can't? Take a stab at trading a bigger variant.

•           Videos will be edited to 820 x 462 pixels. Hence, it's imperative to keep any vital pictures and content incorporated so they won't get cut out. The versatile product is somewhat unique and will trim less of your video, however once you've transferred it, twofold check to ensure it looks affirm on portable. (Note: Facebook's FAQ records the cover estimate as 820 x 456, however we've tried and affirmed that recordings will be trimmed to 820 x 462.)

Ensure your Facebook cover video looks affirm on portable.

•           Cover recordings autoplay on quiet. At the point when watchers first observe your video, they won't hear any sound unless they choose to pick in, so make certain your video bodes well with no stable.

•           Cover recordings circle as a matter of course, so you need a smooth progress when your video closures and begins once more. You can ease cumbersome changes by including a logo or title.

Right now, cover recordings are accessible just on Facebook pages. You can't transfer cover recordings to your standard Facebook profile right now, however who knows what's on the horizon?

Transfer a Cover Video to Your Facebook Page

Once your video is made, how would you get it on Facebook? It's simple. You'll simply need to get to your Facebook page from your PC instead of your telephone, since you can't right now transfer page covers from the versatile application. So bounce on a PC, open your web program, and make a beeline for your Facebook page to begin.

Once you're on your page, tap on Change Cover and pick Upload Photo/Videofrom the drop-down menu.

To transfer your Facebook cover video, select Upload Photo/Video.

A window will fly up where you can explore to and select the video record you'd get a kick out of the chance to transfer. In case you're having issues transferring your video, investigate by twofold checking the rundown in the past segment to ensure your video is the fitting determination and length.

Once your video has transferred to Facebook, simplified to reposition it so it's focused and the product is the thing that you proposed. When you're finished situating your video, click Next.

Simplified your Facebook cover video to reposition it.

After you reposition your video, tap the bolts to see the 10 thumbnail alternatives and pick a thumbnail for your cover video. A great many people will have the capacity to see your cover video wherever they're seeing your page, yet some won't because of low data transmission or different elements. Hence, you'll need to pick a thumbnail from your video to fill in as a cover picture.

On the off chance that you don't need your video to circle, kill the Automatically Replay Video in a Loop choice. When you're done, click Publish and your cover video will be set.

Discover Inspiration for Your Own Facebook Cover Video 

Searching for a little motivation? Here's a gathering of cover recordings from various brands that may start a few thoughts!

Netflix: Narcos

A rundown of cases wouldn't be finished without this magnificent Facebook cover video from Netflix, including their unique arrangement Narcos. This is one of the first (if not the principal) cover recordings to show up on Facebook.

Try not to be overpowered by the high generation estimation of this video perfect work of art; you can make a cover video without a Hollywood spending plan, as the accompanying cases show.

Hootsuite: Teach People Something

Social relationship stage Hootsuite posted a fun cover video on their Facebook page. It takes the old static Facebook cover picture to an unheard of level, showing watchers something new. For this situation, the cover video rethinks the ROI of online networking, something unimaginably valuable to Hootsuite's clients.

Cushion: Show Off Your Company Culture

Online networking administration apparatus Buffer utilized this cover video on their Facebook page as a chance to flaunt their stunning group.

Kim Winey Photography: Showcase Your Product or Service

Here's the full cover video of the prior case from Kim Winey Photography. As a picture taker, Kim utilizes the chance to exhibit her own particular work and offer herself. She finishes off with contact data for the individuals who need to book with her.

Need more like this? Investigate Facebook for Business!



As should be obvious, Facebook cover recordings can be utilized as a part of an assortment of approaches to draw in with fans and guests to your page.

What do you think? Have you explored different avenues regarding Facebook cover recordings yet? Do you have any imaginative thoughts? Offer your thoughts and connections to your recordings in the remarks.

4 Animatron Wave

Animatron Wave is an extremely cool video creation instrument that enables you to make social recordings rapidly and effectively.

Wave shares the advantages of their item, not only the highlights.

Their Facebook Cover Video demonstrates how you can:

•           Make lovely recordings in minutes utilizing more than 2.5 expert video cuts

•           Create a site for your video

•           Use video to drive up deals in your business, draw in consideration, get more leads, and enable your organization to develop

•           create recordings in not more than minutes utilizing their instrument!

You can attempt their instrument here (and my group spares 10%). I am cherishing Wave for making social video.

Resemble Animatron and offer the advantages of utilizing your item or administration, as opposed to only the highlights:

Watch the full video here:

5 National Geographic

With regards to Facebook Cover Videos, you would National Geographic to have an incredible illustration and they convey!

Obviously they exceed expectations at pretty much everything visual, so this is the same.

Nat Geo catches the excellence of nature.

In their cover video, they complete a certain something. Catch the straightforward excellence of the very nature they exhibit with their image.

It's a shocking blend of visual and mixing music so you can't resist the urge to watch this video on rehash.

National Geographic are additionally known for displaying their picture takers and the magnificence of what they catch, and as dependably they do this in the subtitle of the video.

It catches the core of what National Geographic's image is about – the dazzling excellence of nature.

Resemble National Geographic and feature your group (and the identity and heart of your image).

6 University Of Michigan

I cherish this Facebook Cover Video from University of Michigan.


It's perfectly shot, and instantly puts you in the shoes of an understudy, catching all that it could be to be an understudy there.

From the person strolling the corridors in amazement to the energy of game and the test of new learning and revelations, this is a brilliant video.

It takes advantage of feeling and what "could be" – helping the watcher to consider themselves to be an understudy there.

Resemble the University of Michigan and grandstand what could be.

7 Australia

I can never oppose seeking to perceive what Australia do with new highlights and they didn't disillusion. This Facebook Cover Video is essentially dazzling.

The Kimberley… just dazzling!

There is something uncommon about automaton photography with regards to tourism and goal showcasing.

I am certain we will see increasingly of it and I expounded on it here.

The Kimberley area in Western Australia has been on my basin list for quite a while and now I am simply kicking the bucket to arrive. Shouldn't something be said about you – does a video like this influence you to need to be some place IRL?

Resemble Australia and utilize ramble film to have us in a total condition of amazement!

What Tools Can You Use?

Perhaps you have a current video that could work and you can basically transfer it. Be that as it may, in the event that you are adhered for where to star, utilize these devices:

1 Animatron Wave

I shared Wave's Facebook Cover Video above! This is an energizing device for making proficient quality recordings in a matter of seconds by any means.

The advantage of Wave is that you gain admittance to a great many expert video cuts. Winning!

It has a basic simplified supervisor and you can without much of a stretch include content and textual styles.

Begin with Wave here and advantage from my markdown.

2 Animoto

Animoto is an incredible apparatus for making Facebook Cover recordings on the off chance that you have your own video film.

Utilize one of your layouts and transfer your photographs and video, include content and blast – video! Look at Animoto here.

Over To You

Have you seen any awesome cases of imaginative Facebook Cover Videos?

Leave a remark and enlighten us concerning it beneath!

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