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Mini Site Builder Review: Honest Review, Huge Discount With Special Bonuses

If you are learning about building niche websites, then you've just landed on the only resource you will need to get started.

Today, I am going to give you the ultimate Mini Site Builder Review guide that will teach you how to brainstorm, rank in Google, and make very real money from your very own niche site.

You see, I built my very first website back in 2005 (over a decade ago) and I've been building these types of sites ever since as well as maintaining my own blog here at Niche Pursuits. You can read more about my qualifications to talk about this subject; however, I feel very confident that this truly is the only resource you will need to get your very first niche website up and earning.

I'll give you the knowledge, you just need to add water your own effort.

quit my job in 2011 because my niche websites were making over $10,000 a month.  But does this stuff still work? Absolutely!

As proof, I have a site that I started last year that made $2,985 last month!  The potential is 100% still there to make good money with niche websites, and I'm going to show you how.

Warning!  This is a VERY long article with lots of videos and links to resources.  In order to learn everything, you will need to come back to this List Building Formula PLR Review often to watch all the videos and read all the other resources.  However, everything is here…it will just take you some time to get through it all.

Let's get this started!

Bottom of Form

Recent Results

Before we jump into the details, I know that you might be interested in seeing some actual results.  Remember, these results don't come automatically.  You have to put in the time and effort to achieve results like this.

I'm going to share a couple screenshots from the earnings from just 1 of my websites last month.  Then I'll give you more details about how I achieved these results, but more importantly, how you can hopefully replicate this with your own website.

Amazon Associates Earnings

First Tracking ID:

Second Tracking ID (same website):

Google Adsense Earnings

Other Affiliate Earnings:

The site also made an additional $66.08 from another affiliate deal.

Total Earnings from this 1 Niche Website: $2,985.26

Now that I've dangled that tempting carrot in front of you, let's dive into how to actually make a site like that happen.

Brief Overview

The massive guide that you will find below includes everything you need to know to build your very first niche website.  However, there is a lot of content there , so I'd like to provide just a quick overview of the Chronic Stress Management Review.

The whole idea behind a successful niche website is to find a target niche, start ranking in Google for lots of keywords in your chosen niche, and then turn that free traffic into earnings through affiliate offers (like Google Adsense or Amazon Associates), or through your own product offerings.

Consider this like a table of contents for how to build a niche website from scratch:

  1. Brainstorm general market and broad niche ideas
  2. Begin In-depth keyword research
  3. Determine what problem your site is solving.  How will your site stand out?
  4. Pick a good domain name.
  5. Host your website.  Pick a Theme and get a logo.
  6. Develop a long term content strategy.
  7. Pick a monetization strategy.
  8. Link Building.
  9. Social Media and Other Marketing Strategies
  10. Maximize earnings through list building.
  11. Consider long term strategies to continue growing.

Tools Recommended

Throughout this guide, I mention several software tools that will help you build a website faster or better.  These are tools that I use and recommend, but all of them are not required:

What is a Niche? And What is a Niche Website?

A couple of years ago, I wrote out my definition of what a niche website is…here's what I said:

I want to start off by simply clarifying how I personally think of niche sites.  A niche site does NOT mean a small website.  There, I said it.

I think too many people think that a “Niche” website means building a site that only has 10 or 20 pages of content.  This is simply not the case.

“Niche” really means a small segment of an overall market or product.  It means laser focused on one particular topic…or niche.  As a perfect example, and to prove that I’m not the only one that thinks this way; check out the Wikipedia page of what a “Niche” Market is right here.

And even better, guess what example Wikipedia gives as an example of a Niche market/website?!  That’s right is a niche website.  It focuses exclusively (with laser focused intensity) on Sports.  Again, this isn’t my example, this is from Wikipedia.  Yes, this is a VERY large niche site, but it is indeed a niche site. produces dozens of articles, videos, and more each and everyday.

I share this simply to get the incorrect idea out of your head, that “niche” means a “small” website.  It doesn’t.

However, its more common to think of a niche site as one that targets a more narrow niche than just Sports in general.  A smaller niche in sports would be perhaps, Little League baseball, or Curling in Canada, or Speed skating.  However, just because your niche site only covers curling in Canada, doesn’t mean it can’t be thousands of pages of content.  Make sense?

So, a niche site is a site that covers the sub-segment of any market.  The site could be one page or a million pages of content, its still a niche site.

Now that I've clarified how I view a “niche” website, let's move to step 1 in how to build a niche site.

1. Brainstorm Niche Ideas

Several months ago, I started something called, Niche Site Project 3.0.  The main idea of the project was for 3 coaches (Jake, Perrin, and I) to train 3 students that have never built a successful website before, how to build a niche website that makes at least $500 a month.

The first step to building a successful niche website is picking a niche to target.  This just means, what general topic are you interested in or even better, what can be profitable?

What Does a Successful Niche Site Look Like?

  • Helps readers or customers find answers and solutions to their questions or problems in your chosen niche.
  • Your site will eventually have hundreds of articles based on hundreds of very low competition keywords.
  • Your site should not be targeting 1 keyword…but targeting all of them!
  • Start small, but perpetually grow as the success continues.
  • More concerned with answering specific questions and low competition keywords than search volume.
  • Main source of traffic is Google
  • Some articles will be “Pillar” articles and linkable assets; others just short answers to queries; a good mix of types of articles
  • Social traffic will be utilized; perhaps a great deal depending on niche
  • More concerned with building a brand than EMDs or linkbuilding short cuts
  • Long term goal is to build a large email list and sell your own products
  • Examples of niche websites: and

Pick a Niche Through Keyword Sampling

One of the keys to success with your niche website is keyword research.  I've written extensively about keyword research in the past.  However, the main idea is that you will rank higher and faster in Google if you target phrases that people are searching for on Google that are not extremely competitive.

recommend using Long Tail Pro (which I created) for all aspects of keyword research.

With “keyword sampling” you are simply trying to see if your potential niche has lots of low competition keywords BEFORE you actually finalize your decision.

  • Like sampling ice-cream: very small samples, just to get a “taste” of what the niche is like.
  • Input 10 or so quick seed keywords (in Long Tail Pro) using “Best Practices” (much greater depth in the videos below).
    • More specific seed keywords are better
    • Consider using modifiers like: best, reviews, how to, vs, under, for, etc
    • Sort to only show “long tail” keywords (4 words or more)
    • Filter based on words, like “best”, “reviews”, etc
    • Look for keywords under 30 KC

Find Your Website Doppelgangers

  • If you can find a weak site that is newer (like you!) ranking on the first page of Google, you may have hit the jackpot.
  • The “Doppelgangers” can also reveal great keywords and prove that success is possible…quickly.
    • Look for sites with Domain Authority (DA) under 25 or so
    • Look for sites less than a year old (ideal but not required)
    • Ideally you will find sites both under DA 25 and less than year old

Analyze Your Doppelgangers

  • Use
  • See what kind of traffic is possible
  • See what keywords they are ranking for
  • See other competitors
  • Expand vision for your site

Is This a Good Niche? A Checklist

  1. Am I interested in starting a long term project in this niche?
  2. Can I easily produce 100+ content ideas?
  3. From my keyword sample, how many keywords had under KC 30?
  4. How easy was it to find long tail keywords in this niche vs. others I tried? (rate easiest to hardest)
  5. From the under KC 30 keywords; how many “weak” (Doppelganger) sites did I find? (Under DA 25-30, less than year)
  6. Using SEMrush, how many other weak sites was I able to find?
  7. How much traffic do each of these Doppelganger sites get (in SEMrush)? (maximum of 10 per niche is more than enough).
  8. Do I see the potential to create products in this niche?
  9. Can I think of any unique angles to stand out in this niche?

Assignment to Pick Your Niche:

  • Do Keyword Sampling for 3 to 10 Potential Niches
    • 10 seed keywords
    • Filter (4 words or more, modifiers, etc)
  • Find the weak (doppelganger) sites ranking in top 10 from your 3 to 10 keyword samples
    • Under 25 to 30 DA
    • Less than 1 year old (ideal but not required)
  • Complete the “Is This a Good Niche” Checklist for your 3 to 10 potential niches
  • Now think about…what niche “tastes” the best?

Read these resources for even more depth for Niche Website Coaches on how to pick your niche:

Watch These Videos for in-depth details on picking your niche:

These videos will walk you through SEVERAL examples of the exact guidance that I provided above.  If the outline above wasn't enough details for you, these videos definitely will be.  I highly recommend you watch these to help you pick your niche.



2. Begin In-depth Keyword Research

Now that you know what general niche you want to go into, it's time to do more in-depth keyword research.

I recommend using Long Tail Pro to make the keyword research process easier and faster.  The most essential thing to remember with keyword research is that you want to go where the competition is low.

If you can target a few low competition keywords, you are much more likely to rank than if you were to target highly competitive terms.  This means that you will often need to target very low search volume keywords…and that's just fine!

Goal: Target Long Tail Keywords in Each Article on Your Site

  • Find 100 long tail keywords in the first 6 months
  • Write articles that target these keywords (1 primary keyword per article)
    • (We’ll discuss how to include other secondary keywords in each article later).

Why Long Tail Keywords?

  • More Long Tail Searches than Short Tail Searches
  • Easier to Rank for
  • Usually people are further in the buying cycle

High Volume is Not Needed

  • Ways to Make Money from your website – (a keyword I rank for on only gets 10 monthly searches according to Google.
  • However, that article received 3,791 Unique Pageviews from Google Last Month
  • Keyword variations I rank for:
    • How to make money from a website
    • Ways to make money from website
    • Ways to make money from a website
    • How to earn money from website
    • How to make money on your website
    • Dozens of other variations…
  • Best ___________ ___________ (Example: Best Mouse Pad) – 50 LMS
  • Now ranking for “Mouse Pad”
    • 896 Unique Pageviews from Google Last Month

Criteria of a Winning Keyword

  • Relevant
  • High Advertiser Competition
  • Search Volume over 1,000 for a few keywords, but not required on all.
  • Low Competition in Google
  • Similar Sites Ranking (Weak Doppelgangers/other niche sites)
  • Longer Phrases (3+ words) are usually easier to rank for

Examples of Low Competition Keywords

  • Best Survival Knife – 9,900 LMS, High Ad Competition, $0.25 CPC, KC of 25, weak sites ranking
  • Best Garden Shears – 110 LMS, High Ad Competition, $0.65 CPC, KC 27, weak site ranking

How to Find Low Competition Keywords?

  • Long Tail Pro
  • Input Seed Keywords from Various Sources
  • Start with your own brainstorm
  • Use Keyword Modifiers
  • Amazon and Ebay
  • Wikipedia
  • Niche Forums
  • Google auto-complete (Ubersuggest)
  • Google trends
  • Other Niche Sites

Keyword Modifiers to Consider

  • Fill in the Blanks with your niche/keywords
  • Best _________ _________ (Example, “Best Survival Knife”)
  • _________ ________ Reviews (“Survival Knife Reviews”)
  • ________ vs. _________ (“Gerber vs. Kabar”)
  • Best ________ Brands (Best Knife Brands)
  • Where to Buy _______ (Where to buy a survival knife)
  • _______ Under $________ (Survival Knife under $100)

How to Analyze the Competition

  • First Page of Google is Your Competition
  • Keyword Competitiveness (KC) of 30 or Less
  • Low Domain Authority AND Page Authority is preferred (or low Trust Flow and Citation Flow)
  • At least 2 results that have under 30 PA and DA
  • Relevant Page Title/content? (“Spencer Likes Honeycombs”, example)
  • Root Domain? Subpage is ideal (not required though)
  • Site Age Less than 1 year is ideal (not required though)
  • Under 30 Juice Page Links
  • This article is still relevant to analyzing competition:

Additional Tactics to Quickly Find Low Competition Keywords…

Assignment for Keyword Research

  • Find 20 Low Competition Keywords for Your Niche Website
  • Use the various methods discussed to input seed keywords
  • At least 3 keywords with search volume of 1,000 or more
  • Remaining 17, search volume doesn’t matter

Read these additional resources to learn more about the keyword research process:

Watch these videos for more in-depth training on keyword research:

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