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One of the most common questions people ask me is how to make money online and build an online business. Many people struggle to do this. Some of these reasons are because of information 

overload. There is an overwhelming amount of information scattered around on the internet. It is very common for someone to get interested in a product or a way of doing something and then 

loose interest and try something else. Plus, they don't know who to trust. I wanted to give some advice to help those who are new to making money online or are struggling. In fact, even if you are not new to making money online and/or are making money this will help your business.

Now, I want to be clear that there are many ways one can make money online and start an online business but I wanted to share a method that I strongly believe in.

One of the main key elements to building a long lasting successful online business is to build a List. A list is a bunch of people who have opted-in or subscribed to your business.

You get people to opt-in or subscribe by offering a gift or something of value related to what your business is about (example, Free ebook, Free video course, etc...) in return for their name and email or just their email.

You need a 3 page website to do this. The first page is called a squeeze page, the second is called a thank you page, and the third is a download page.

Squeeze page: The whole purpose of this is to get people to opt-in. So you don't want this page to be cluttered. You also don't want to give people different options on what to do. You should simply state what your offering and then have an opt-in box.

Once people sign up they will be directed to a thank you page which tells them to confirm it was them by going to their email and clicking on a link to confirm.

Once this is done they are taken to a download page where they can get the free gift or product you were offering on the squeeze page.

So now, once they confirm they are on your list and your list is managed by something called an autoresponder. An autoresponder can send out emails to your list. You use these emails to help build a excellent business relationship with your list. You send out free products, helpful tips and useful information to help them. Remember to always send information related to what they signed up for.

Here's how you make money - You can send out your own products or affiliate products to your list. Since you built a great relationship with them it does increase the chances that some might buy. Again, your list is managed by an autoresponder. This way managing a list of thousands of people is not hard to do. If anyone want to unsubscribe all they need to do is opt-out.

Summary - Always provide excellent customer service and treat your list like real people. A lot of people hide behind a computer. Be there for your list and interact with them. Remember to always over deliver and provide tremendous value. You want to build trust!!!

Of course, there is much more to this but I could go on forever. I just wanted to try and help some people out.

Hope this helps!!! smile.gif

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