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Junk Traffic Alchemy Review: 100% Unique Method To Earn An Income Online

Just what a joke! I ran across this thread while taking part in the amazing Experienced-People discussion boards.?  He (Richard) is reselling his Rubbish TRAFFIC SITE to be able to pay some charges and begin his new, contending, Rubbish TRAFFIC SITE.


A rubbish traffic site is a niche site that sells what's essentially imitation traffic.?  Which means that users are browsing sites that they had no direct objective of ever going to.?  This may happen several ways -- for example, someone might be getting paid to "autosurf".?  Which means that a rubbish traffic seller gives someone as if you a cent (or less) for each and every site you visit.?  And, to be able that you can make any good money one of your internet browser home windows is send traveling from web site to website automatically; with about 10 a few moments between them usually.?  So, for the individual who paid $0.02 per visitor they get cheap (worthless) traffic and you simply receives a commission for permitting your web browser be possessed.?  The rubbish traffic seller will keep the difference between what he compensates you to definitely "browse" the websites and what he gets paid by the "advertiser".

Other ways of junk traffic is actually a pop-under...?  You understand where suddenly a fresh site starts up in a web browser screen behind you main internet browser window.?  Again, offering traffic to the marketer but predicated on no real desire by an individual browsing the net.

Anyhow, Richard is reselling so that another rubbish can be produced by him traffic site.?  Yes, he's retailing the old someone to create a fresh one...? - a exclusive carbon duplicate of his current site.

My friends, I request you to PLEASE avoid this grey internet underground of rubbish traffic.?  This sort of traffic reveals many problems to the internet and large companies like Yahoo are constantly focusing on systems to penalize those who use these procedures to market their sites., BEFORE Television set LLC, Chris Avell, set up website on the market, established website fraud,,, flippingethics,, rubbish traffic,

invictus7 (Atlas Corporations) Now Providing Rubbish Traffic Sites


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Well, if he (company) couldn't get any more serious...?  They aren't selling increasingly more rubbish traffic sites on Flippa.?  Within the past they sold worthless PPC sites mainly, they are available rubbish traffic sites as well now!?  Exactly what is a rubbish traffic site?


The main way for this is "auto-surfing" which this doubtlessly is...?  Websites pay visitors to have their web browser refresh quickly to different websites to be able to (falsely) fill their traffic.?  So, although they can state this can be a "legitimate visitor", it is actually not one.?  It really is simply someone who's web browser is being delivered automatically from site to site. Will any value be got by this traffic??  NO!?  Well, it could have value to a scammer who's trying to help make the website they are really about to turn look like they have amazing traffic - BUSTED!

So, there is absolutely no question that "Atlas Companies" (Invictus7 on Flippa) is merely reselling auto-surf traffic.?  Because it is apparent the website being sold, in cases like this "" certainly doesn't make this amount of traffic itself.?  No individuals, autosurf traffic sales is a rip-off -- therefore, regarding you are buying a rip-off from a scammer.?  So, if you purchased this site, YOU would turn into a scammer by default...?  EECH!

Friends, be cautious out there!?  Flippa is a superb online software industry, but so long as the practice of "website flipping" is inspired you are going swimming with the sharks!

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