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Vidmazon Review - World's First Video APP that Creates Awesome

Youtube is extremely popular but it isn't the only system to talk about your videos and make some cash.  Amazon has its video sharing service where users can upload the videos and monetize them. It's called Amazon . com Video Direct.  Essentially, Amazon . com Video Direct allows the creators to upload their own videos for "tens of millions" of members of Amazon's Prime audience to view. This service is a primary rival to Google's YouTube.

Amazon . com Video Direct is not big as Youtube but it includes enough audience that you can share your video and make some cash.  Why not discuss your Youtube video tutorial that you publish already and make even more money.

With this VidMazon Review, I will demonstrate how to talk about your Youtube video tutorial and upload it to Amazon . com Video Direct and monetize it.

1. Join Amazon . com Video Direct free of charge

First rung on the ladder is to produce account with Amazon . com Video Direct. It's free service to join up.  You should use existing Amazon . com account or create new one.  You could subscribe here:

2. Ensure that your video tutorial is clean

At this time, I am let's assume that you curently have a video recording that you already designed for Youtube.  Hopefully, you've kept to original backup of the training video.  When I say that your training video must be clean, it just means that your video tutorial don't possess anything associated with Youtube. Basically, Amazon . com don't want anything regarding Youtube.  So you may have to undergo your video tutorial and trim out all the part that is associated with Youtube.  If not, your video recording will be declined and you will not have the ability to upload to Amazon . com.

For example, ensure that your video does not have any advert, subscribe button, call-of-action display, or anything associated with Youtube.   If, by the end of the video recording, you say "please sign up to my channel", you have to slice that part away.

Also, ensure that your video does not have any copyrighted materials in the video tutorial such as music or videos videos.  If your video recording already has copyright alert with Youtube, chances additionally it is heading to be declined by Amazon . com for copyright violation too.  If a video does not have any copyright alert with Youtube, it’s likely that it'll be ok.

3. Need close caption (Subtitles)

Among the requirement of uploading your video tutorial is to acquire close caption or subtitles of your training video.  Amazon won't enable you to upoad your video without it.  So before you publish your video, ensure that your video recording has close caption.  Unless you, you can create one using Youtube.

Easiest way to make a close caption is to let Youtube make it for you.   In the event that you go to Inventor STUDIOand go to your video tutorial, you will see SUBTITLE option at the top menu.  Go there.

When you publish your training video, Youtube automatically transcribe your video recording and create Subtitles.  Nonetheless it doesn't execute a good job.  Which means you have feel the and edit to your preference.

To be able to revise the subtitles that Youtube have produced, select PUBLISHED Subtitle.  It will say "Automatic" which informs me that it's produced automatically.

Once you select PUBLISHED Subtitle, click EDIT at the top right spot of the display and begin editng the subtitles on the still left column.

If you are done with editing and enhancing, select ACTION at the top left spot and download the subtitle record in .SRT format.

4. Create video tutorial cover image (Key Artwork)

Amazon . com requires key arts for all your videos which just means thumbnails for your video.  Amazon . com requires two types of Key Art- one with 16:9 ratio and one with 3:4 ratio. Amazon . com is pretty picky about how big is each key art.  Key artwork is the image found in serp's and subject detail pages. Listed below are the requirement.

?            16:9 key fine art - 1920x1080, .jpg or .png file

?            3:4 key fine art - 1200x1600 .jpg or .png file

You should use the Youtube thumbnail for key art work.  But be certain to use your image editor to resize the image to meet up with the necessity.  For 3:4 key skill, it's likely you have to build from scratch.

5. Upload your video

Next thing is to publish your video tutorial and complete all the informations that Amazon . com requires.  But first login into Amazon . com Video Direct website. .

Head to YOUR VIDEOS together with the page.  Stick to STANDALONE tabs and select ADD Name to publish your video.

Focus on CATALOG LIST tabs, complete all the mandatory information about your video tutorial.  Make sure to choose your category sensibly.  If Amazon believe that you have choose wrong category, it'll reject your video.

End of the CATALOG LIST tabs is the main element art.  Make sure to publish your key artwork you already made previously.

Next is the Solid & CREW tabs. 

VIDEO ASSETS tabs is where you publish your video record and subtitles data file.

If you are all done, click PUBLISH at the top right place of the display.

Now just hold out few days.  Amazon . com will feel the video thoroughly and inform you if you have meet all certain requirements.  When your video recording gets rejected, they'll let you know why, which means you can correct it.  In the event that you follow the instructions carefully, shouldn't have any issue.

Once the video tutorial is released, you can confirm by looking on Amazon to see if your video turns up.  Also after the video is published effectively, you'll start earning money.  How much cash you will make is all will depend on the type of video tutorial you upload.

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