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The Fast Track Review: Just 7 minutes to make you bank every day?

Highlights from my The Fast Track Review speech at Affiliate Summit.

On today’s episode Russell talks about going to the Affiliate Summit and trying to get 150 affiliates excited about Clickfunnels. He explains what he told them, and tells you how to be a part of his affiliate bootcamp program.

Here are some of the cool things you should listen for in this episode.

  • Find out why Russell had a booth at the Affiliate Summit, even though he hates booth events.
  • Learn some tips and tricks Russell has that will help you be successful as an affiliate.
  • And find out how you can follow sign up as Clickfunnels super affiliate to make a ton of money and be able to retire in 100 days.

So listen below to find out what is all about.

Hello there. Today, I would like to introduce you to a truly important topic. Something you should start using asap, since traditional affiliate marketing is less and less effective, and you need this in order to instantly boost your conversions, EPC, ROI and thus, your bottom line. Most importantly, it is the ability to literally outperform other affiliates.

I am sure you’re pretty much familiar with the concept of the Sales funnel. You drive traffic to the top of the funnel (the easy to consume product, often a free newsletter, pdf, video course, coupon…), and then drive them through the funnel while educating them, engaging with them, nurturing them, and turning them into consistent buyers and ambassadors.

That’s the main idea about Sales Funnels.

And, the same goes with Affiliate Funnels.

The main difference is that some parts of the funnel are controlled by 3rd party websites (the offer you’re promoting as an affiliate for example, the webinar you’re pushing for one of your partners…).

So, tackling affiliate marketing with that in mind sends the entire Affiliate marketing strategy to a whole new level.

You’re stepping out of the “drive traffic to a given offer” story in hope of getting a high enough EPC (earning per click) so that it covers your advertising costs and you generate profit (positive ROI), to step into the “I strategize my affiliate promotion within a full fledged, optimized Affiliate funnel”, which will increase engagement and conversions.

As a side effect, such strategies usually generate 4 to 10 times more profit than the one leg approach!

How can you do that?

I can’t get into much detail, since it would require full training (which you can get there btw, step-by-step)but here are a few guidelines that should help you get started right (you don’t have to follow all these points; as I said, some steps can be omitted and you can insert multiple steps as well):

  • Qualify your incoming traffic through flashreviewz
  • Engage and start building rapport with your leads through email. This will tell them something about you, and the product you’re promoting;
  • Send them to a pre-selling page (optional but highly recommended, check other posts on this blog – this allows you to improve conversions, add value, bypass poor sales pages, and offer more services);
  • Since this is an affiliate funnel, redirect them to the product you’re promoting upon signup, or through your pre-sell page (and through the auto-respond follow-up messages);
  • Encourage people to contact you once they purchase the product you’re promoting so that you can help them get started (yes, this is not your product, but only endorse products with which you know you can help people);
  • You’ve made commissions. Your referral got back to you to claim your help – the bonus, the getting started guide (whatever you pitched to add value in your emails and/or pre-sell pages), so it’s time to activate the 2nd part of the Affiliate funnel;
  • UP-SELL your referrals to anything you can think of that would be relevant to the bonus you offered, or to your other services. Say you’re offering a free website to people who perform a purchase through your link, up-sell them extra services (installation, customization, logo design, content creation, backlinks…);
  • Plug your “buyers” into different mailing lists (free signups, simple referrals, referrals+buyers of your up-sells, high spenders…) and then continue communication with them;
  • Rinse and repeat: create a new Funnel to get new leads into your system, or to re-qualify free signups who never interacted with your paid content. Propose more services to your buyers.

You’re acting as a real online entrepreneur, not just as an affiliate. This is what makes a big difference between generating a few sales as an affiliate and making it big as an affiliate. You’re just thinking outside of the box and you’re also selling easy services (that you will outsource, of course, and you will only manage the relation).

This means that traffic will not be an issue anymore, even as an affiliate. You now have an optimized funnel with HUGE earnings per click, compared to sending blind traffic to an affiliate offer through direct linking!

This further means that you can buy more and more traffic, even pay more than your competition and still rake in HUGE profits.

That’s what Affiliate Marketing is or, at least, what it should be. That’s what you should aim for!

Sometimes the hook (the promise of what benefits the buyer will receive if they buy the product) will be right on the video sales letter homepage, as you can see in this other sales page:

The hook is right at the top: “A foolproof, science based diet designed to melt away several pounds of stubborn body fat in just 21 days!” You're going to want to copy this hook whenever you find yours for the product, as you'll use this to create your funnel opt in page in a bit.

Other times, you’ll have to dig a bit to find the hook. One cool hack you can do is to click the “x” button on the tab of the video sales letter.

Then, you’ll be asked if you want to leave or stay. Click “stay”, and you’ll often be taken to a written version of the sales letter.

Then you can find the hook rather easily:

I’m using this diabetes cure product to walk you through this, and here’s the hook which I’m going to copy to a file:

“With this “pancreas jumpstart solution” that I’m about to show you, you’ll be able to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes, sharply reducing or even eliminating your need for medication.”

Finally, you’re going to want to actually watch the entire video sales letter, taking extensive notes as you go.

This is a bit tedious, as the VSL is probably about 30 minutes long, but it’s very necessary. When you create the first page in your funnel (which we’ll get to in a minute), you’re going to be dangling the carrot of a promise to your prospects that you drive to that page.

Your promise will be in the form of the headline, hook, and subheadline on your opt in page.

In order to make that promise accurately (which is crucial for building a good long term relationship with your email list) you’re going to want to know exactly what content is in the video sales letter.

This Product = Your Brand

Stated another way, you are spending your advertising money, your time and building your site to promote an affiliate product.  If their product is rubbish, that makes you and your brand look bad.

Before you actually start selling, it is highly recommended that you buy this product because you need to make sure it’s a quality product and they deliver on what they are promising in the sales copy.

It doesn’t have to be the MOST AMAZING solution ever made – it just has to be a solid product that you are comfortable putting your name behind.

Remember, your email list is going to be associating your brand with this product, so keep that in mind and build your online business with integrity, for the long term!

If you’re short on cash and worried the product you are looking at may be a lemon, remember – Every Cickbank product has a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can buy the product and return it if it sucks.

…And this is probably the exact same position your web visitors are in, so you get to be their trusted adviser who looks for the best product for their needs and delivers.  They will thank you for it with their trust and clicks on your affiliate link!

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