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P1 Profits Review & Bonus - SHOULD I GET IT?

I am eager to authoritatively report that P1 Profits Review has come to the #1 spot in Google! My specialty site started positioning at the best spot in Google at some point yesterday for my essential catchphrase of best survival cut.

On the off chance that you have been following alongside my Niche Site Project, you realize that I have put it all on the line to clarify my whole procedure en route. Truth be told, before I even began the website, I recorded an online course clarifying what my system would be and how I would approach finding my essential watchword, dispatch the webpage, and that's just the beginning.

Clearly being a task for everybody to watch, I had high expectations that this site would achieve the main position in Google, yet I additionally realized that having a huge number of individuals watch along can infrequently affect comes about (decidedly or contrarily). Along these lines, I'm excited (no doubt), that my site has performed to my most noteworthy desires!

Things being what they are, how could I get my specialty site to the highest point of Google? In my post today, I am will uncover more points of interest on a portion of the strategies I've utilized, alongside a total diagram of what has happened to my site – including income, rankings, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Preferably, you will have the capacity to take some of this data and discover accomplishment with it in your own particular specialty site tries.

Going from Ranking Nowhere to #1 on Google

Things being what they are, to what extent did it take from the production of my site to achieve number one on Google? Here is a timetable of the real developments in Google since I made my site:

•           Feb. seventh, 2013 – Domain acquired

•           Feb. 22nd, 2013 – First Article Published (62 days from this date, I positioned #1 in Google).

•           Feb. 25th, 2013 – Not positioned in Google

•           Feb. 26th, 2013 – 395 (position on Google)

•           Feb. 27th, 2013 – 36

•           Feb. 28th, 2013 – 34

•           Mar. first, 2013 – 25

•           Mar. fourth, 2013 – 29

•           March ninth – 237 (See my clarification for this drop and recuperation here).

•           March tenth – 246

•           March eleventh – 225

•           March thirteenth – 25

•           March fifteenth – 21

•           March sixteenth – 6

•           March seventeenth – 7

•           March eighteenth – 8

•           March nineteenth – 4

•           March 23rd – 11 (Its ordinary to skip all over for a youthful site)

•           March 25th – 9

•           March 26th – 3

•           April eleventh – 3

•           April fourteenth – 2

•           April 23rd – 2

•           APRIL 24TH – #1 IN GOOGLE BABY!!

Presently there were more minor developments here and there than what I've appeared, however this gives you a general vibe for its movement after some time.

Current Earnings of My Niche Site

I will complete an all the more full pay report once the long stretch of April is finished; be that as it may, here is the place I stand at this moment (profit through April 24th):

I am VERY content with $254.10 in income during the current month up until this point! Truth be told, you may recollect that I simply posted an income screenshot a couple of days prior… and it was $174 (through April 21st). Some portion of the expanded income in the course of the most recent couple of days is that I hit the 7% commission level rate on Amazon!

The more things you dispatch, the more Amazon pays you. Here are the commission levels on for the Amazon Associates program:

As should be obvious, I have dispatched 112 things, so my bonus rate was knock to 7% retroactively on ALL the deals I've made in the long stretch of April. Along these lines, I had a decent profit increment… sweet! I anticipate that things will show signs of improvement as I appreciate the expanded movement from being in position 1.

My Goal for May is to hit $500 in income… appears as though it could be close…

The Most Important Step of ANY Niche Site

I needed to take you back to the absolute starting point of the venture when I started searching for a catchphrase to target. I have worried again and again that watchword explore is by a wide margin the most essential advance in building specialty sites. I feel that I've demonstrated that with this venture.

On the off chance that you discover a watchword that is sufficiently simple to rank for, you won't have to work the same number of connections to your site – and you will be considerably more prone to rank at the highest point of Google.

I needed to focus on a watchword that had 5,000 correct match scans or more for this task and discover one that had low rivalry in the main 10 spots of Google. I utilized my watchword look into device, Long Tail Pro, to conceptualize, research, and locate my triumphant catchphrase.

I found the catchphrase "Best Survival Knife", which had just shy of 5,000 correct match neighborhood seeks, and furthermore had low rivalry in the main 10 brings about Google. I felt emphatically by breaking down those outcomes (and utilizing the implicit Keyword Competitiveness work in the Platinum form of Long Tail Pro), that I could in any event get on the main page of Google.

You can watch recordings of me discovering this catchphrase and read significantly more points of interest appropriate here.

Along these lines, despite the fact that I am currently going to clarify beneath everything else I did to rank this Text Deliver Review in Google, I need to firmly advise you that the catchphrase look into is the genuine reason I am ready to rank in Google. On the off chance that you come up short this progression, it doesn't make a difference how much other "Web optimization" strategies you utilize.

Quality Content Really is Important

As I clarified at an early stage, I needed my substance to be super profitable to the end client of my survival cut site. To be completely forthright, its extremely conceivable to in any case rank a site with not as much as stellar substance – as long as you do awesome watchword research and some fundamental third party referencing. Be that as it may, I needed to make this site something I could be glad to share and to really be helpful to those scanning for survival blades.

In this way, I composed the essential article myself (landing page) and made an inside and out blade correlation diagram. The article is utilizing my essential catchphrase in the title and is general focused on the watchword I need to rank for. The article and diagram took me a few hours to finish, yet thus, I think my site REALLY is more valuable than alternate destinations that are positioning in Google at the present time.

Also, I've now enlisted (on an outdoors and survival hope to compose bunches of the substance that you see on the site. This writer is giving auxiliary articles that each objective diverse catchphrases; for the most part extraordinary blade makes and models. These articles are elegantly composed and give a special voice from somebody that really comprehends blades and what to search for (superior to anything I could).

Because of my quality diagram and other quality substance, clients are investing more energy in my site. This time nearby, or all the more precisely "Stay Time", is giving a positive flag to Google. This enables my site to do well.

The normal client is burning through 2 minutes and 38 seconds on my site.

External link establishment for My Niche Site

Presently I go to the segment that I assume a considerable lot of you have been sitting tight for. I will give you a point by point take a gander at the correct external link establishment that has been done on this site. Also, truly, this has helped me rank #1 in Google.

I composed a full post on the third party referencing technique that I would take after, and I have basically done what I said I would do. However, here is a recap (and this incorporates a few subtle elements I have not talked about already):

o           I was positioning #25 in Google on March first… BEFORE I constructed a solitary connect to the site. I say this to simply remind you how critical my catchphrase inquire about was. I was positioning simply on the way that I was focusing on a low rivalry catchphrase and manufactured a site utilizing a topic that I made.

o           March seventh to around March 21st – I began making around 20 or so remarks on related online journals. These remarks were made by me, and were genuine remarks (not spam). They were identified with the blog entry and were veritable. I didn't utilize catchphrase grapple message other than my name or here and there Spencer @ Survival Knife Guide (or something comparative). Additionally amid this day and age I had my VA work between 10 to 20 (not certain what number of got acknowledged) web registry joins. These were simply broad web registries with high pagerank.

o           You will see that around March fifteenth or sixteenth, my site began positioning on the principal page of Google. I trust my watchword inquire about, quality substance, blog remarks, and web index joins helped my webpage make the bounce.

o           On March 21st, I secured a quality in content connection from a legitimate site identified with weapons and blade audits. This is the main connection where I utilized my correct match stay content of "Best Survival Knife". I haven't discussed this connection so far, yet I share more on this underneath. More or less, I utilized a high PageRank lapsed space to "exchange" joins. Is it accurate to say that it was this connection that driven me to #3 in Google on March 26th? Possibly.

o           On March 25th, I began seeing bunches of connections being worked to my site that I DID NOT fabricate! I composed a whole post on what I accept is negative SEO from somebody towards my site. The unavoidable issue that everybody has (counting me) is did these connections help my site… or will they in the end hurt my site? I don't have the foggiest idea about the appropriate response, BUT I do realize that I would have positioned without them fine and dandy. I was at that point on the primary page of Google before they showed up (and position 25 preceding I at any point constructed a connection). Furthermore, as I'll appear beneath, it was plainly my external link establishment endeavors that drove me from simply page 1, to Top position. I would have made it fine and dandy without these connections, so its tragically that I couldn't demonstrate that… on the grounds that these connections did in reality happen, and I need to recognize that. Thus, make your own particular call here.

o           The certainty that these spammy joins have not harmed my site, gives me more certainty that perhaps Google truly knows how to sift through these "awful" connections; as Matt Cutts expressed in this video here:

•           I kept on making only a couple of more blog remarks on related sites through about the finish of March. I just made another 5 or 6 more.

•           On April eleventh I employed somebody to begin building joins for me that fit near my unique arrangement as shared here. This third party referencing work was finished on April 22nd. My site went from position 3 to position 1 amid this time span… you be the judge! I need to share EXACTLY the connections that were worked amid April eleventh to April 22nd – and I've shared that beneath.

Connections Built From April eleventh to April 22nd

As clarified, I enlisted

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